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About us

Brief Introduction of SunRight Foods Corp.
“We Live to Eat”
A Western Proverb says “ One should not eat to live but live to eat”, Over the years The SunRight Foods Corp. has stopped atnothing to offer good and healthy foods to people who live to eat. Now we take great pleasure in introducing The SunRight Foods Corp.
One:  SunRight’s Guidelines
1. Diligent - To do a better job for the public.
2. Frugal - To help promote work efficiency.
3. Honest - with our consumers for their unfailing support.
4. New - Continuing endeavors to achieve new excellence.
Two:  SunRight’s Policy
1. To create a good reputation as a business enterprise.
2. To strive for greater success by using our available technical resources.
3. To train and educate more useful talents to carry out the system of our company.
4. Enhance markets sales.
5. To create natural, healthy, delicious and convenient food product culture.
Three: The history of SunRight, past and present
1975: The SunRight Oil Store was founded for the edible oil market.
1976: The Mu-Cha Store was founded to furnish pickled vegetable and groceries.
1980: The Packing dept. was inaugurated.
1987: The SunRight Groceries Company joined the market for the Taipei area.
1988: The Shen-Keng factory started its operation, specifically the bean auto packing production. The Taichung Branch Office was founded.
1989: The Kaohsiung Branch Office started its operation.
1990: The Taipei Branch Office was founded as a supermarket business.
          The Tainan Branch Office was established.
1992: The head administration office was founded with a computer net work around all the Taiwan offices. The IIan Branch Office started its Operations. The Chung Li Branch Office came into existence.
1993: Renamed the company as SunRight Foods Industry Corporation Ltd.
          NaKung First Factory was dedicated: operated the auto-wrapping line for starched 1994.
1994: Established ChungHwa Business Center.
1995: Established North Second Business Center.   
1996: Introduced EDI Network System for Client Ordering
          Established Hwa-Lien Business Center.
1997: Established the Distribution Center.
          Established Shing Chu Business Center.
          Organized Specific Sales Sector: enhanced services for chained market places and super markets.
          Invited Management Science Committee to assist on operation management and ISO-9000 quality promotion.
1998: Organized Quality Secured Sector: Promoted the quality sense as a whole and the product quality through quality techniques and operation standardization Visiting and presentation of sample factories for medium-and small-size entrepreneurs. Penetrated deep into 11 chained retail stores, including 7-11, Niko-Mart, Hilife, Big-Egg, etc., and founded the leading brand in small-bag miscellaneous grain corps. Participated in 8th Taipei international Foods Exhibition.
1999: Participated in 24th Tokyo International Foods and Soft-Drink Exhibition in Japan Awarded with American BQRISO-9002 Certificate.
          Emulation Seminar for distinguished medium-and small-size entrepreneurs Participated in 9th and 10th Taipei International Foods Exhibition.
          Organized R&D Sector: caught technique resources through technical rooting, promoted add-value of products, and directed
          Product promotion with convenience, interest, and profession.
Four: SunRight Quality Policy
Best service to our customers.
Consistent quality improvement.
Creation of new products to expand SunRight Market.