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Tonkotsu Bean Noodle 100g
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Product No : 340126
  • Tonkotsu Bean Noodle 100g

Article:Tonkotsu Bean Noodle 100g
Bean noodle:Potato starch, Water, Tapioca starch, Distarch Phosphate(Pasting Agents), Corn starch, Mung bean starch
●Soup base:Bone extract powder, Monosodium L-Glutamate (Seasoning Agents),Salt,Maltodextrin,Miso powder, Sucrose, Dehydrated corn, Dehydrated carrot, Seasoning Agents(Soy sauce, Glucose syrup, Salt, Chicken extract, Sucrose, Yeast extract, Sodium 5′–Inosinate, Sodium 5′– Guanylate), Garlic,Glycine, DL-Alanine,  Flavor), Sesame seed, Green onion powder, Soy sause powder, onion powder, Silicon Dioxide(Quality Improvement Agent), Ginger powder, Vegetable flavor powder, Hydrolyzed animal protein, Pepper powder, Shrimp powder.
Net weight:100g(3.5oz)
Storage period:one year
Date of validity:As shown on the label.
※Our company uses the solar calendar to represent the day,  month and year.
Product of Taiwan
●Caution! Do not place under direct sun beam and a damp place(After opening, please finish it as soon as possible.)to avoid deterioration.
Allergy information:Contains Shrimp and Sesame.